Social Empowerment

The Ministry of Minority Affairs, Government of India, shortlisted us to conduct training on Leadership Development of the Minority women in Dehradun. The task of bringing the women belonging to the Minority community, to the training venue, was both challenging and interesting. Though people often raise their voices for their rights, still, most of them are not aware of what exactly they want. The training was to make the group aware of their rights and entitlements and how to proceed to get their rightful dues in the society. The programme was an eye-opener for the participants and also knowledgeable and informative to for us.

For the social empowerment specially for the women of minority community, we are in continue in process to add with other government program, awareness about her rights as Right to Information, Right to Education, Human Right etc. as well as training on leadership development program. For this purpose we have also started training course of Beautician and fashion designing among girls and women of minority community in Mahmud Nagar, Shankarpur, in sahaspur block of dehradun district.

The year gone by will be remembered by us, both as a challenge and reward. Besides continuing with activities of Micro finance, micro life and Health insurance, Health and sanitation, HIV detection and counseling, community mobilization, SHG and JLGs formation, campaign for women empowerment and customer awareness and host of other activities as in past, we attracted attention of various Government and Non Government agencies who came to us for studies and field visits. National Aids Control Society through its Uttarakhand arm – Uttarakhand Aids Control Society entrusted us to continue for 3rd consecutive year, with our programme of Target Intervention for detection and counseling on HIV-AIDS among the ever expanding migrant population of Dehradun.

Being an organization in the service of the society, particularly the economically vulnerable, BPL and other underprivileged members of the society, our emphasis has been on the economic and social empowerment of these people of the society. The attraction of Himalayas among the Indian people as well as foreigners, encouraged us to popularize the concept of rural home stays in Uttarakhand.