HIV-AIDS (Target Intervention) Program

The Organisation is chosen by Uttarakhand State Aids Control Society to work with the migrant population in Dehradun district under Targeted Intervention Programme. Targeted Interventions (TI) are a specific set of intervention in HIV/AIDS Control Programmes meant specifically to reach out to groups seen to practice high-risk behavior (HRG). The High Risk Behavior Groups mainly comprise of Female Sex Workers (FSW), Injecting Drug Users (IDUs), Men having Sex with Men (MSM) and Bridge Groups (Migrant workers, Truckers and Local Transport Workers).

Apart from prevention of HIV infection, TIs facilitate prevention and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases as they increase the risk of HIV infection, and are linked to care, support and treatment services for HIV infected.The TI is implemented through the NGOs. We have been entrusted with working with the migrant population in Dehradun. Dehradun, being capital has become major hub of employment having thousands of migrant laborers. Lot of industries has come up in Selaqui attracting manpower from other states too. Many service , malls, big brands retails and Transport Nagar, ISBT, etc have come to the city after becoming the capital Main labour source are: UP (56%), Bihar (38%), Uttarakhand (4%), Other (2%). Most of the migrants work as labourer and mobility to their home states is twice a year. While singles frequently changes job and move more often, married mostly stay at their workplace and visit their home states once a year at festive seasons.

In year 2017-18 we have covered 5578 People under the programme, which included interaction with the migrants, knowing their sexual behavior through persuation , involving the community leaders, Behaviour Change Communication, Treatment of Sexually Transmitted Infections, Condom Promotion, Enabling environment &Community Mobilization.Emphasis has been to identify the HRG, counsel them for testing, treatment of sexually transmitted diseases and if found infected with HIV take them to the ICTC for treatment and counsel them not to spread the disease and live with the virus. We have councelled around 6717 people in the year 2017-18 Counseling helps people to understand that they may lead a normal life provided they take ART and keep positive attitude.