Himalayan Gram

Rural tourism is a form of tourism in which the guests get to enjoy the unique culture of village life through participation in local events, or experience the local cuisine, or buy ethnic goods, and in the process also improve the welfare of the local people. The tourists look for Quality authentic environment and meaningful experiences. More and more people prefer to stay in rural surroundings, far from the maddening crowd and noise of urban places, if the trip can give pleasure and relaxation of body and mind. Rural tourism in Uttarakhand has a great future, since it not only provides natural elements of beauty but also exposure to the indigenous local traditions, customs and foods. Keeping the above in mind, we started a Rural home stay destination at village Raithal in Bhatwari block of Uttarkashi with support of Uttrakhand Gramya Vikas Samiti (UGVS) under the brand “ Himalayan Gram”.

Idea is to present the place as a model rural home stay destination, on the yatra route of Gangotri. Here we train people from nearby villages to spare a room of their house, remodel the toilet and furnish the room with clean linen etc to receive the visitors. Guests stay with the host families, get to know the culture and traditions of rural folk, share their meals and have an idea as to how the people live in the hills of Uttrakhand. The idea is to supplement income of the villagers by renting out their rooms to the travelers and at the same time provide cheap, hygienic and peaceful stay to the guests. Balajee Sewa Sansthan is helping to the villagers to the renovation rooms and toilets and promotion of old, traditional foods, culture and heritage in mountain village homes for the purpose of rural home stays.